In 2012, the partners at Capstone collaborated to construct a business model for alternative asset managers and advisors to access a suite of specialized products and services in the Senior Life Settlement market. The objective was to create a financial advisor-focused infrastructure to consistently deliver reliable service and supply chain management for a promising new alternative asset class. A decade later, Capstone has grown the team to include experienced professionals with varied talents and core competencies from many different business sectors including insurance, finance, engineering, and technology. It is this unique mix of skills and a unified vision that stands behind the Capstone Alternative Strategies brand.

The experience gained supporting the life settlement alternative investment space has evolved to become the foundation of the Soteria Capital Absolute Return Portfolio Series. Soteria has similar characteristics to a hedge fund but it’s not a fund at all.

Investors enjoy the private equity aspects of life settlement investing in our exclusive Direct-Pay Hedge Model. We take the fund manager and their hefty fees out of the equation and share the risk alongside the investor.

The launch of the Soteria Capital Absolute Return Portfolio Series in collaboration with Capstone Alternative Strategies is our collective market intelligence synthesized in a unique way for investors to harvest the high yielding capability of this differentiated, highly non-correlated asset class with a team invested in risk management.

The Soteria Direct-Pay Hedge Model is different from confusing open-end fund structures with opaque mark-to-model valuations and high annual management fees. we believe investors deserve to make all the money. Soteria Capital is a carried interest, hedge fund style platform. We profit when you do.

The Soteria Capital Absolute Return Portfolio Series is only available through Registered Investment Advisors and broker/dealers under-selling agreement. Soteria will not take any direct engagement with individual investors.

To learn more about the Soteria Capital Absolute Return Series, visit soteriacapital.com to schedule a call.

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